Skills Every Content Marketer Should Have

Content marketing consists of many different parts. Although you can get away with having a basic level of understanding, an advanced content marketer will want to develop their skills in all different parts of the process.

Content marketing often involves an individual or a small team, so these people need to have a very broad skill base. It’s usually not enough to specialize in just one component.

Below, I outline the most important skills to master in order to be the best content marketer you can be.


Conducting proper research before starting your campaign is crucial to its success. Building a campaign on a poor foundation is the quickest way to waste your time.

Research involves examining previous campaigns in the industry and learning from what they have done. But it also means finding a list of influencers and bloggers who you want to market to. Without an adequate list of targets, it becomes difficult to create a piece of content that those people will want to share.

Creative Brainstorming

Once you’ve conducted your research and learned what does and doesn’t work, you’ll need to come up with an idea.

This idea is what will make or break your campaign. It’s possible to get away with average content in some cases, but if you’re looking for huge success, then you must have a fantastic piece of content.

Analytics And Data Analysis

Tracking the engagement of readers and the performance of content is crucial. Without it, you’ll be unable to learn from your campaign. Not tracking can lead to making the same mistakes over and over, never learning or improving your campaigns in the future.

Being able to interpret data and perform an analysis is a critical skill for all marketers. If you can’t understand the numbers that you get from your promotion, it’s impossible to measure its success.


Email is crucial to content marketing. Elon Musk described email as his “core competency.”It’s a skill that many of us undervalue, but being able to accurately and quickly use email to convince others is vital to the success of your campaign.

Without proficiency in email, you’ll spend more hours than necessary marketing the content. Learning how to use your email efficiently and using extra tools and plugins is essential to running an efficient campaign.


Most content marketers are going to end up writing at some point. They might be writing content, or they might write the emails that are used to contact bloggers.

Either way, having proper grammar and knowing how to structure a sentence is important. Most of us would like to think that we are skilled writers, but that isn’t always the case. Try using Grammarly to proofread your content before you publish it.

Basic Design

If you have a designer on your team, that’s fantastic — but many of you won’t. Fortunately, basic design isn’t too complicated. Websites like Canva have made graphic design accessible to the masses. You no longer need Photoshop to create simple graphics for your content.

Learning how to create simple designs can prevent you from relying purely on text. Graphics make your content more attractive and could persuade influencers to share it.

Basic Coding

Similarly, you might be required to make little HTML and CSS changes to your web page. If you learn Javascript as well, you’ll be capable of creating simple tools and calculators.

These are particularly easy to market and can set you apart from your competitors.


Most of us can string together a couple of sentences. But being able to tell a story is much more challenging. Most of our content exists to tell a story, whether we realize it or not. Learning how to build interest through your content is key to creating pieces that stand out and convince people to share.


If you’re working as part of a team, you need to be able to work productively and quickly with others. Even if you’re working by yourself, one of the websites that you reach out to might want to work together to create a piece of content.

You must know how to work together in an efficient way without causing conflict.


Content marketing is a tough business. Getting rejected is just part of the journey. People might even make negative comments about your content. But if you want to succeed in this industry, you need to have a thick skin. You can’t take these comments to heart. Roll with the punches and keep pushing forward.

As with a lot of occupations, getting started is the best way to learn. Spend some time doing your research and brainstorming an idea. Once you have something in mind, develop the skills necessary to make your dreams a reality.

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