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The Main Advantages of Using a Public Cloud for Business

Implementing the right kind of cloud for your business is a crucial consideration, and you may want to use a public cloud client for a few different reasons.

When it comes to data storage, few solutions can match the convenience of the cloud. Being able to access data from anywhere and remaining independent of location-based storage means that cloud storage systems are ideal for business use, but there are a few different options.

If you need to choose between cloud deployment models when you’re looking for a business storage solution, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to take a look at the public cloud model and the key advantages that help make it a more legitimate choice for business than many would assume.

What is a Public Cloud?

A public cloud is one that can be accessed by anyone, provided they have been authorized by the entity running the cloud. Google Drive is an excellent example of a public cloud. Keep in mind that public clouds aren’t necessarily as public as the name would suggest, and they do offer a degree of privacy.

Anyone who has used Google Drive knows that you can lock access to files so that only your team will be able to see them. Security concerns when it comes to public clouds are mainly a matter of hacks and other data breaches, though these are rare enough not to be too much of a concern.


One of the main benefits of using a public cloud is that it is more affordable than running a private cloud. As most private clouds will have to be hosted internally, you will need a server on which you can keep the data, and you will need to keep it running, resulting in high initial and upkeep costs.

If you don’t absolutely need the added security that’s provided by a private cloud, then you’ll find that public options are far more affordable. There are even some public cloud storage solutions which are offered for free. Some cloud providers will offer special subscription plans for businesses, which can save you even more money.

Ease of Use

Another massive benefit to a public cloud is that it is much easier to use than a private cloud. Some private clouds will negate the benefit of being able to access your data from any computer, as they will require a device to have authorized access or to be connected to the local area network.

There is also the advantage that your employees will be more likely to be acquainted with public cloud options, so you won’t have to take time to train them in the use of the private cloud. Beyond using the cloud, you’ll also find that you can avoid the entire setup process, as establishing a private cloud takes expertise.


In the end, public cloud deployment models will be easier to use as well as cheaper overall than private ones. If data security isn’t the absolute highest priority for your business, you’ll often find that private clouds are overkill.

Source: The Main Advantages of Using a Public Cloud for Business

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