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Best Patient Engagement Software 2022

Patient engagement software facilitates the encouragement of a patient’s active participation in the maintenance of their health, the building of a collaborative patient-doctor relationship, and the improvement of the overall patient experience. Hospitals, medical practices, and other healthcare organizations are increasingly becoming subject to the same kinds of expectations that retail and hospitality industries deal with; as a result, patients expect compassion, acknowledgment, immediate communication, and easy access to information from their healthcare providers.

Products in the patient engagement category must offer one or more of the following functions: patient portal or patient communication, reputation management, outreach and marketing, surveys and feedback, patient education, self care management, or appointment reminder. Providing a patient portal to facilitate communication between provider and patient as well as enable active participation of the patient in regards to their own health is a major benefit of patient engagement solutions. Patient engagement software enables hospitals and clinics to practice reputation management and feedback generation, triggering a cycle of post-appointment reviews, reputation boosting, practice and provider adjustments, and overall improved patient experience. Patient engagement tools can also simplify the process of reaching out or marketing to new or referred patients, which can include the dissemination of health education information and literature. Patients with chronic care, as well as their physicians, can leverage patient engagement software to maintain their at-home or self-administered medication or therapy regimens. Some patient engagement solutions can also serve as appointment reminders, either via the patient portal or HIPAA compliant messaging software.

Patient engagement software can either be patient facing or physician facing, and take myriad forms—anything from a patient portal to medical online reputation management tools to patient-experience survey management capabilities. Patient engagement software equips healthcare organizations with tools to improve methods and levels of engagement. Patient engagement software can integrate with relevant technologies such as interactive patient care systems (IPC), telemedicine software, patient intake software, EHR software, and clinical communication and collaboration software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Patient Engagement category, a product must:

Provide a method of active patient engagement such as patient portal, patient surveys, digital intake forms
Improve or provide insight to healthcare organizations on ways to improve patient satisfaction
Track and measure improvement of patient experience

Top 10 Patient Engagement Software

SR Health by Solutionreach is transforming healthcare through communication by making it accessible, modern, and personal. By allowing providers to stay connected to patients throughout the care journey, healthcare organizations can optimize health and financial outcomes while creating a better patient experience. Solutionreach is the leader in patient engagement solutions and innovation. The first to send a text message in healthcare, the company now serves over 25,000 customers and facilitates one billion messages a year to 80 million patients in the U.S. To learn more, schedule a consultation now at www.srhealth.com.
WELL Health® is the leading patient communication platform for enterprise healthcare systems. From simple appointment reminders to advanced automations, WELL integrates in real-time with your EMR and maximizes the value of best-in-class vendors. It is the 2021 and 2022 Best in KLAS for Patient Outreach solution. WELL customers have seen decreases in no-shows, lower wait times, and higher portal enrollment. Staff and customers alike love the intuitive interface, and healthcare managers love the increased efficiency and patient satisfaction WELL provides.
Luma Health
The #1 Patient Engagement platform, with a suite of solutions for COVID-19, builds deeper patient relationships, and retains lifetime value for clinics, hospital and health systems, and community health centers.
RevenueWell is a dental marketing and communication platform that gives busy dental practices the smart, easy-to-use tools they need to attract new patients, streamline communication, and grow production from existing patients. With RevenueWell, dental staff spend less time on the phone and more time focused on what really matters: providing an amazing patient experience and improving patient outcomes. RevenueWell was designed by dentists for dentists. The company was founded in 2010 to create a patient relationship management solution that specifically meets the unique needs of busy dental practices. The RevenueWell Dental Marketing Platform provides a powerful dental marketing and communication solution for the entire patient journey. Features include social media management, online reputation management, online scheduling, appointment reminders; paperless patient forms; and automatic post-op instructions and treatment plan follow-ups. RevenueWell’s integrated email, phone, 2-way texting, and teledentistry solutions allow you communicate and even meet with patients safely, securely, and flexibly. RevenueWell Forms allows patients to complete paperwork on their time, saving time for them and your team. RevenueWell Phone completes the total communication solution for dental practices, providing a flexible Cloud-based phone system that makes sure you never lose contact with patients.
Weave is the all-in-one customer communication and engagement platform for small business. From the first phone call to the final invoice and every touchpoint in between, Weave connects the entire customer journey. Weave’s software solutions transform how local businesses attract, communicate with and engage customers to grow their business. The first Utah company to join Y Combinator, Weave has set the bar for Utah startup achievement & work culture. In the past year, Weave has been included in the Forbes Cloud 100, Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies in America, and Glassdoor Best Places to Work. To learn more, visit www.getweave.com/newsroom
OhMD’s platform allows practices to engage with patients more effectively than any other method for communication today. The HIPAA compliant patient conversation platform, based in SMS text messaging technology, keeps your practice running smoothly giving you the ability to build relationships and trust with your patients through ease of access. From appointment reminders and digital check ins, one click video visits, communicating test results and even requesting reviews or ratings of your practice, OhMD gives you the ability to connect with patients using a medium they don’t have to separately download and that they actually prefer. With additional offerings including live website chat, electronic form intake, and other tools that make the patient experience frictionless, OhMD provides the simplicity and efficiency practices are in need of today.
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