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Top 10 Best GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems: Compare Providers

Your fleet won’t get far without GPS Tracking. And even if they did, you wouldn’t know where they got to! GPS Tracking is a fundamental part of fleet management and a technology that you can’t operate without. With the right provider and an effective telematics system, you’ll be able to see the live location and tracking details of your entire fleet on one centralized hub.

Live maps, traffic management and route plans are all extremely important aspects of your day-to-day fleet operations. This is all made possible by either GPS trackers attached to your vehicle or electric logging devices (ELDs) that use GPS technology. Data is transmitted and displayed in your office and your team can then use that information. You won’t find a single fleet management company that isn’t using GPS tracking in some capacity.

But as with the majority of fleet solutions and systems, there are plenty of companies willing to offer you an industry-leading GPS tracking system. Where do you begin? How do you decide which GPS trackers suit your vehicles best? What do you need to get from the GPS tracking data? And, important as ever, how much will it cost you?

Here at Fleet Logging, we’ve figured out the answers to all of those questions so that you don’t have to. On this page we’ve compared the GPS tracking systems from 48 of North America’s top GPS tracking companies.

Keep reading to find all the information you need about the configuration, capability and price of GPS trackers. You’re sure to find the provider that suits you and your team best.

1. Samsara

Samsara Logo

Highly advanced GPS tracking technology is an important part of Samsara’s fleet management package. Their GPS tracking systems:

  • Provide a real-time location with ‘helicopter view’;
  • Can be configured to provide safety alerts;
  • Use fuel reporting technology so that you know how and where to correct fuel waste;
  • Are used to feed dispatching tools and orders;
  • Can be used to provide more than just location: engine diagnostics can be determined by using the same tracking hardware;
  • Help your team plan routes and avoid traffic delays that have appeared;
  • Share vehicle diagnostics so that you can minimize downtime and maximize the time your vehicles spend on the road;
  • Use driver locations to streamline operations and sound alarms when vehicles leave geofenced areas.

2. Keeptruckin

Keep Truckin Logo

Keeptruckin is one of the biggest companies in industry to have designed and marketed a GPS tracking system. Their GPS tracking helps your company:

  • Track all of your vehicles in one place;
  • Save time and money with automated GPS location alerts;
  • Compile reports which show vehicle activity and location mapping with a high degree of accuracy;
  • Eliminate guesswork with their unique ‘Fleet View’ design;
  • Stay up-to-date by watching your vehicles move across the map in real time;
  • Communicate ETAs to customers and other dispatchers;
  • Realize when vehicles have entered and exited geofenced areas with specific alarms;
  • Create more accurate billing, since you’ll have valuable reports that detail the amount of time spent on a job site.

3. AMS (Asset Monitoring Solutions)

AMS Logo

AMS are one of the leading providers of fleet management systems. Their GPS tracking:

  • Comes with the quality of “The USA’s number one choice for vehicle tracking”;
  • Uses a sophisticated dashboard for a valuable asset tracking solution;
  • Lets your team monitor each of your assets and the style of your drivers;
  • Shows the location, date, time, speed, direction and status information of each vehicle and driver;
  • Can be used internationally and displayed on the same dashboard;
  • Can be viewed on any internet-enabled device;
  • Is fully customizable so that your live screen, mapping selections, and driver reports are suited to your needs;
  • Can also be used in ‘trail’ mode. This screen allows the user to track countless details of an individual vehicle’s journey.

4. Rand McNally

Rand McNally logo

Rand McNally use their unique DriverConnect platform to offer GPS tracking. That technology features the following:

  • Real-time insights into vehicle and driver locations;
  • Reliable tracking which lets you know exactly where your assets are at any given time;
  • The capability to monitor key driver performance metrics and coach better driving;
  • Speed monitoring, so that the chance of an accident is reduced;
  • Miles-per-gallon analysis. This helps your team improve fuel consumption and train drivers to manage fuel better;
  • Idle time tracking. Once visible in a handy report, you can improve your fleet efficiency;
  • Custom geofences which sound an alarm upon entry and exit;
  • Efficient route planning, showing live traffic updates and shortest distance.

5. Switchboard

Switchboard logo

Switchboard offers GPS tracking as part of their fleet solutions. Their GPS tracking technology includes:

  • 24/7 live locations that help you monitor and track your vehicles and drivers;
  • Location pings which can be sent consistently;
  • Geofencing technology that calculates the exact time of entry and exit for any location you choose;
  • Detention time calculations, showing you how long drivers spend with clients and helping you optimize procedures;
  • Absolutely accuracy when calculating miles driven;
  • The capability to track your entire fleet in one place in real-time;
  • Speeding alerts which notify your team of any dangerous driver behavior;
  • Idle time calculations, helping your team to coach better driving and improve fuel consumption.

6. Webfleet Solutions (TomTom Telematics)

Webfleet solutions logo

GPS tracking solutions from Webfleet Solutions (formerly TomTom Telematics) feature:

  • Reliable tracking that lets you know where your vehicles are 24/7;
  • Simple GPS tracker installation;
  • The tracking data you need to improve fleet efficiency;
  • Instant alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a previously designated area or nominated geo-zone;
  • Live location data that helps your team make “smart, informed decisions” in real time;
  • Innovative tracking solutions that show the exact time spent behind the wheel and when, where and how each vehicle was used;
  • Route planning and optimization, reducing fuel consumption by as much as 50%;
  • Proof-of-delivery data and more accurate customer ETAs.

7. Omnitracs

Omnitracs logo

Omnitracs have developed an intelligent fleet telematics solution. GPS vehicle tracking is one of the most important tools and it includes the following:

  • Live GPS tracking that provides real-time fleet insights;
  • A web-based application where fleet managers can quickly view the location of any vehicle and driver;
  • The technology you need to confidently monitor daily operations;
  • Instant feedback on whether or not planned operations are being carried out;
  • Tracking data which minimize risky driver behavior such as speeding;
  • Fuel usage monitoring including idling and personal use;
  • Reliable driver location, so that you can share accurate information with a customer when they ask;
  • Easy-to-use mapping that feeds valuable reporting software.

8. Brickhouse Security

Brickhouse Security logo

Brickhouse Security offers fleet companies a GPS tracking solution that:

  • Allows your team to “track and manage anything, anywhere”;
  • Includes free automatic updates, so that you don’t need to pay for software updates;
  • Uses BrickHouse GPS trackers which are 4G wireless-enabled and future-proofed for tracking all across North America;
  • Offers flexible hardware that can be battery-powered, hard-wired or mixed;
  • Uses international devices, so that you can continue tracking vehicles even in a different country;
  • Comes with a mobile app or secure website access where you can view live tracking outside the office;
  • Provides instant alerts about the status of your vehicles;
  • Enables geofencing so that you can determine when drivers deviate from schedule routes.

9. Geotab

GeoTab logo

Geotab offer a comprehensive suite of fleet management solutions. Their GPS tracking technology:

  • Comes from the “world’s leading connected vehicle company”;
  • Includes “next generation GPS vehicle tracking devices” with Geotab GO9;
  • Comes with expanded capacity for further native vehicle support;
  • Tracks vehicle diagnostics so that you can improve fleet fuel usage;
  • Includes trackers that simply plug directly into your vehicle’s OBD II port;
  • Doesn’t require antenna or wire-splicing during installation;
  • Collects rich, accurate data on vehicle location, ignition, trip distance and more;
  • Allows for forensic reconstruction of events where there is a suspected collision.

10. Linxup

Linxup logo

Linxup use real-time GPS tracking to offer:

  • Trackers that help you quickly and easily locate any vehicle;
  • Once-a-minute location updates when the vehicle is moving;
  • An intuitive Google Maps user interface where you can see your entire fleet on one screen;
  • Valuable live analytics such as traffic conditions, helping you to improve fleet efficiency;
  • A bird’s-eye-view of all vehicle locations and details;
  • Fleet managers the tools they need to communicate accurate ETAs to customers;
  • Vehicle history reviews with an animated, interactive route replay that breaks each day down into detailed trip segments
  • Geofencing capabilities and alarms when drivers leave and enter assigned routes.

Source: Top 48 Best GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems: Compare Providers

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