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Top 5 Best Warehouse Management Systems

The warehouse is one of the busiest places of business operations that is buzzing with activity all day long. Managing, controlling, and keeping track of inventory is one tough job that requires immense hard work and careful attention to detail. A small misstep or negligence can affect the whole chain of operations, and thus it is mandatory to be precise, competent and efficient.

While small warehouses are still manageable by personnel, large ones also need warehouse management systems to keep every inventory-related task in order. So here is a detailed list of best warehouse management systems (WMS) in 2019 that are doing great job wherever they are being used.

1. VAI

Headquartered in Ronkonkoma, New York and founded in the year 1978, Vormittag Associates Inc. (VIA) is a leading enterprise resource management (ERP) solution provider, reputed for its excellence and competence across the board. Having been decorated with multiple awards such as the 2012 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Solutions for Midsize Businesses, it has been offering commendable solutions to businesses for years, helping them grow through time-tested and modern resource management practices.

It is well-known for its flexible solutions that automate critical business functions for the manufacturing, specialty retail, distribution, and service sectors. S2K Warehouse, its flagship WMS solution, is a well-rounded solution designed after in-depth research of warehousing tasks that ensures integrated operations at all levels of warehouse management. Armed with the latest WMS software technologies, it implements the same where it is deployed, thereby infusing efficiency and upgradation in the operations, which brings about improvement in every task.

With S2K Warehouse, it becomes easy to upgrade warehouse operations, which reflects in enhanced employee productivity and customer satisfaction. It happens this way. With the software, one can keep track of warehouse activities in real time, which means reduction in entry errors. It enables one to measure the efficiency of the employees more accurately and equips one with correct information regarding every activity taking place in the warehouse.

It offers both paper-based and radio frequency processing for inventory processes, which include receipt of inventory, movement and replenishments, product put-aways, warehouse fulfillments, warehouse scheduling, warehouse control systems, order picking, shipment verification, cycle counting, and more. While receiving, the S2K WMS automatically matches the items being received with the purchase order or container to ensure correct items are being received. It records lots and serial numbers and also automatically generates item bar code labels for products without bar codes.

At the points of shipping and picking, the software allows warehouse managers to view and release sales orders and warehouse transfer requests, courtesy an advanced in-build Order Manager module. The module lets the manager view selected orders and group them for efficient picking on the basis of a wide range of sort options. The manager can also review picking in progress and analyze performance by area, zone, and picker.

The shipment verification is done against each customer order. The shipment verification allows the user to track items in specific boxes for pick and pack operations. It does so quite efficiently. As each box is filled, the system produces a shipping label that can be scanned and integrated with common carrier parcel systems allowing users to track weight, freight charges, and tracking numbers.

It provides the best bin replenishment and warehouse transfer process. It allows users to manually request bin replenishments or set specific times all through the day for the task. As for warehouse transfers, it can be automatically or manually created for inter-location as well as inter-company transfers. Lastly, S2K WMS offers automatic and continuous cycle counting based on the cycle class code designated in the item master file. The cycle counting and physical inventory applications offer tools to control and measure the accuracy of current inventory records.

As VAI claims, its focus is the success of its clients, and in the form of S2K WMS, it offers a robust and result-oriented solution that will meet the unique requirements and objectives of businesses having warehouses to a T. It is a cost-effective and optimized integrated solution that leads to reduction in error rate and costs while promising enhancement in productivity and profits. So, anyone looking for an efficient, modern and powerful WMS can bank on VAI’s S2K WMS, rest assured it is the best deal for their warehouse management.

2. Manhattan Associates

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Manhattan Associates is a notable technology solution provider that has been serving businesses with great commitment for 29 years. Recipient of many prestigious awards and recognitions, it is market leader trusted by hundreds of businesses. Its warehouse management system is designed to solve the problems and concerns businesses face in supply chain, inventory, and omni-channel.

An AI-based solution, it utilizes machine learning technology and proprietary algorithms to build industry’s first warehouse execution system (WES) within an WMS. Suitable for both cloud and on premises hosting, it supports modern warehousing tasks such as lot management, serial number tracking, value-added services, and product recalls. It increases accuracy, improves order fulfillment, reduces order cycle time, and streamlines receiving and shipping.

The WMS makes use of advanced fulfillment logic for real-time replenishment, wave management, constraint-based selection, and advanced order cartonization. The auditor-approved cycle counting, cross-docking further enhances the operations quality, as one is able to wield control over each aspect from a simple interface. So if one is looking for a WMS solution that would cut down costs and improve returns while catering to the evolving needs of warehousing operations and maintaining accuracy in them, then one can go with the WMS solution of Manhattan Associates.

3. SPEC India

Headquartered in Gujarat, India, SPEC India was founded in 1987 with the vision to deliver effective business solutions in line with international standards that generate customer value. The software developer has been successful in realizing the vision through its suite of business services and solutions.

Its Warehouse Management Software (WMS) offers to be a mobile-ready and flexible solution that takes care of A to Z warehouse management and control activities. Suited for industries across niches, it caters to the requirements of wholesalers, retailers, and distributors, helping them with the process of shipment receiving, inventory recording, shipment and unloading in a highly smooth manner. It has been designed to simplify the tasks and does so by streamlining the chain of tasks that are involved in warehouse management. It offers real-time exchange of data, which ensures complete monitoring and tracking of inventory at all points of movement. With barcode scanning and generation, one can scan shipment numbers.

It also sends automatic customer receipt notifications when shipment is received. The location updates of received shipment in the warehouse are delivered as well. By doing this and more, it helps in saving cost and time, which directly leads to improvement in productivity and customer satisfaction. So if one is looking for a comprehensive and competent WMS solution to manage their warehouse, then SPEC India offers an apt solution.

4. HighJump

Started in 1983, HighJump is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and offers tailor-made solutions for businesses involved in supply chain. Its WMS solutions come armed with fitting features to facilitate the flow of inventory sans interruptions and errors. They have been designed keeping in mind the new-age marketplace where stiff competition is an everyday reality and demanding customers the norm.

So it helps warehouse managers stay on the forefront through adaptable and connected supply chain network solutions. With HighJump WMS, handling any and every supply chain process, no matter how complex it is or which niche it operates in, becomes a cakewalk. It is a mobile-enabled flexible solution with plenty of room for customization that one can utilize to one’s advantage and tweak the features to serve one’s unique requirements. With it, one gets full control over the inventory, always getting updates about the status of inventory whether at the point of shipment or delivery.

It helps businesses bring down operational costs in record time while ensuring a rise in productivity and gains. So if one has a need for a modern and innovative WMS solution that would deliver value every working day without making one break the bank, then HighJump offers a perfect option.

5. Descartes Systems Group

Headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, and founded in 1981, Descartes Systems Group is a leading on-demand, software-as-a-service-solution (SaaS) provider known for catering to businesses across niches. It devises solutions that improve productivity, performance, and security of businesses driven by logistics. Its custom integrated WMS solution simplifies the tedious and complex procedure of warehouse management so that the businesses can compete and conform to the warehousing regulatory norms with ease.

It has been specially designed to help users manage goods stored under the customs warehouse procedure by recording information on imported goods and accounts while also tracking the movement and activity of inventory for timely and accurate electronic declaration processing. Using the Descartes Systems Group, WMS allows businesses to track and measure delivery resources for optimum utilization. It helps them plan shipments, audit, and pay transportation invoices and more without getting overwhelmed by the complex and demanding procedures.

Its unique features include customs value calculation metrics, validation engine, error alerts, effective data capturing, back-end integration, and more. Precise regulatory compliance is its forte, and hence, if a business is looking for a powerful and relevant WMS that operates according to the laws and works to further the interests of the company, then Descartes Systems Group WMS is an appropriate solution.

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