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3 Best Real Estate Transaction Management Software

In todays web developed world almost every sector of industry is forced to adapt or be left in the dark. And the real estate sector is no exception to the rule. Providing an edge here, we can review the very top 3 of the real estate transaction management software. Through these tools there’s no need for paper tracks and uncomfortable offices full of physical folders.

In today’s world a good, efficient and overall reliable software is need it for a good real estate investment. Especially when we take into consideration that real estate is a very profitable sector where high volume of money is constantly moved.

Just in case you need help deciding, here we have brought you a list of the best real estate transaction management software. With the help of any of these you can keep a clean and reliable business.

MRI software

Everything about a successful business depends on efficiency, real estate business is no exception to this. MRI provides exactly that, allowing you to concentrate in a more critical task. This software allows you to get a better communication with stakeholders and can provide to be crucial for your efforts in real estate.

Key Features

Provides the option to configure templates, maximizing your time and effort.
Allows you to create alerts and notifications for your data in rental systems.
Checks if the data is correct before going live, this is done through a variety of processes for data validation.
Permits the user to visualize all activities pertinent to transactions.
Allows you to share information with stakeholders and providers of service.


In order to learn the cost of service for this software please do visit their homepage.


Dotloop is very clear and reliable. Considered to be an end to end real estate transaction management software, it simplifies the communication and collaboration. Makes the editing and the incorporation of digital signatures easier. All in one platform.

Key Features

Any broker can access snapshots and pictures of what is contractual information for an agent’s performance. Done through very precise and reliable reporting tools
Allows any agent to streamline transactions for digital signatures, documents and more. All using a single software.
Easy access to every part of the process and any document pertinent.
Brokers and compliance personnel can view the full auditing trail.


There are different plans of service depending if you’re an agent, a broker or a team. The basic plan starts from 29$ per month. For more information please visit their website.


Offering automated brokerage with a real solution for your real estate business. SkySlope is a professional tool that also offers integration for digital signatures and a compliance tracking system. A must have tool in the category of real estate transaction management software.

Key Features

Behaving like an autopilot for your reviews process, you can review any file using a streamlined revision process and a customizable checklist.
Providing a digital footprint of the transaction’s life cycle, you can send all the info to a BRE department for compliance. This is because the software saves everything, from messages to emails. All collected in a log.
Very powerful and very reliable, allowing you access to all your data. SkySlope behaves like a central hub for all your real estate information and tools.


For more information on their services, features and payment plans please make sure to visit their website.


In real estate every transaction is an important one, making sure that each move along easily can only be better for your business. Don’t jeopardize your reputation by allowing much human error into the payment process. Use one of these tools of real estate transaction management software. In turn your business will surely expand to more clients.

Source: 3 Best Real Estate Transaction Management Software (Pricing + Reviews)

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