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Why Your Business Needs More IT Support

Starting a business is exciting and challenging, and you often begin with the bare bones and build from there. Months or even years later you realize that you’re finally able to stop for a minute and assess your growth and fill in a few gaps in your operational structure. Whether or not technology is a crucial part of your business, communications generally are — and communications require data; customer data, employee data and information about your suppliers. All of these tidbits of data are floating around your business, but are they truly secure? If you currently have an IT department of only an individual or two, you’re likely setting yourself up as a prime target for cybercriminals, otherwise known as hackers.

Cybersecurity Reality

Enterprise-sized businesses are not the only ones that have to fear cybercriminals. The reality is that these individuals target any size business, and there are thousands of incursions every week that are incredibly expensive in terms of direct costs and lost customers too. Small and medium-sized businesses had a tough year in 2017, with more than 61 percent experiencing an attack during the year.

Dangerous Employees

Even if you absolutely trust every individual in your organization, did you know that your employees are the most dangerous part of your business? From passwords that aren’t as secure as they should be to their tendency to surf Facebook and click links within an email, employees are responsible for the vast majority of cybersecurity incidents reported at all size businesses.

Timely Patches

In smaller businesses, even getting the right patches on your software can be a challenge, much less creating regular audits to ensure that employees have the correct access to data and systems and that all potential leaks are tightened in your endpoints. Even WiFi access points that don’t have the proper levels of security applied can provide cybercriminals with an inlet into your important information.

Consistent Monitoring

One individual or a very small group can only monitor so many things, can only stay abreast of so many cybersecurity challenges and can only protect you so much. What happens when they’re unable to combat the growing threat from hackers, external data breaches and poor decisions by employees? Having a dedicated extension of your technology team provides you with a reasonably-priced alternative to significantly expanding your IT team.

Source: Why Your Business Needs More IT Support

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