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10 Critical Cloud Security Threats in 2019

Cloud Computing offers users computing services that allow them to access Internet services and save all the information they want to have available from any device with an Internet connection.

Something important with cloud migration is to have a service that guarantees your security. For this reason, many vendors such as Microsoft Azure devote enormous efforts to ensure that their platforms have the best security.

Therefore, if you want to be sure that your information remains safe and secure it would be advisable to contact IT consulting specialists.

If you have not yet been able to contact an advisor you should know that your information in the cloud is exposed to these 10 threats:

1. Data violation: the user does not authorize another person to see, steal or use their information.

2. Inadequate protection: if the management of access and credentials is scarce, great security threats can occur and it could be possible for unauthorized users to read, modify or delete your data.

3. Unsecured APIs and interfaces: It is essential that customers have the necessary security so that a third party does not reuse these APIs or passwords.

4. Vulnerable systems: It is important to have a highly secure system that prevents an attacker from infiltrating and stealing your data.

5. Account theft: this is one of the main threats in the cloud because, if an attacker manages to access your data, they can manipulate your information and impersonate you.

6. Malicious insider information: a person who has your information can damage your brand, cause a loss of productivity and cause you to lose your customers’ trust.

7. Data loss: accidental deletion is one of the main threats of having your information stored in the cloud.

8. Lack of diligence: If a vendor doesn’t have enough management to ensure your security, they may not have adequate verification to withstand the risks.

9. Abuse and misuse of cloud services: if security measures are scarce and cloud services are misused, attacks such as sending phishing campaigns may occur.

10. Vulnerable shared technologies: if providers offer a service that doesn’t have a solid isolation system, your information may be more vulnerable and may be shared and attacked by others.

Source: 10 Critical Cloud Security Threats in 2019

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