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10 Best IT Security Software Solutions of 2019

As information technology soars to new heights, so does the need to protect computers or networks from external threats. These threats may come in the form of malicious ware such as viruses, spyware and worst, computer hackers. To counter these threats, software companies developed IT security software. This tool can detect the presence of any system security threat. Truly, IT security software has become part and parcel of everyday computing.

IT security software comes in different forms, including encryption, firewall or spyware detection applications. It has become such a necessity that known operating systems usually come with their own security software. Apart from this, IT security technologies have been constantly coming out of the pipeline, ever improving cyber security. For users who engage in tasks such as financial investment, online banking or shopping, updating their IT security software to their latest versions is strongly advised. IT security software has become an essential tool not only for large enterprises but individuals as well. The number of IT security software users around the world have been steadily increasing over the last few years. In fact, global spending on IT security tools is forecast to grow by a CAGR of 8.7% through the year 2020, reaching around $105 billion.

The rapid pace of business digitalization is seen to fuel this growth, with industries investing in security technology to protect themselves against both known and unknown threats. Sectors that include banking, manufacturing and government are seen to invest the most on IT security software. The United States will remain as the largest market for IT security products, which is seen to receive around $36.9 billion in IT security-related investments.

In this article, we will take a look at the 10 best IT security software currently in the market. We will discuss their features, benefits and pricing to give you a better idea as to how they can benefit your organization. The rankings do not necessarily denote that one is better than the other.

1. Keeper

An IT security software that provides users with password management capabilities and a digital vault, Keeper was developed to help businesses and individuals protect sensitive information. Its password manager feature can generate very strong passwords while allowing managers to execute password policies. It can also check personnel compliance with such policies from specifically designed consoles.

The platform utilizes 256-bit AES encryption along with PBKDF2, which are capable of preventing data theft or any form of security breach. Users can likewise manage employee permissions to restrict access to sensitive data. Using the software, scheduling password rotation regimes can also be done. Keeper supports desktops, laptops, smartphones and any web browser. The vendor allows a single license to be used in unlimited number of devices.

The software makes sure that user information is encrypted a the device level, ensuring that personal data is kept only in users’ devices. The Keeper DNA system, meanwhile uses smart devices such as smart watches and smartphones for identity verification. Aside from this, two-way and fingerprint verification are also supported for login purposes.

Additional login functionalities include delegated administration and user provisioning, which help managers in boosting efficiency and productivity. Potential data loss is also avoided with the system’s dedicated cloud space while enabling users to share files across the board.

The solution is available in three pricing models, an individual package which costs $29.99/year, a Family package that costs $59.99/year and a Business package which is available for $30/year. For those who want to test the software first, a free trial is also available.

2. CA Technologies Secure

CA Technologies Secure is a robust IT security software that is highly-designed to protect your organization against data breaches and unauthorized access. The platform offers a complete suite of security management solutions that aid users in security tasks such as identity management, privileged access management, payment security, single sign on and account discovery, among others. These features assure users of device security, giving them more time to focus on their core business.

The software’s identity management feature enables organizations to access data and perform self-service with ease. It has the ability to approve or certify user access within the module in an instant. Aside from this, the system has tools that can significantly boost revenues and prevent fraud, ensuring a richer online shopping experience for your clients.

The solution likewise allows users to evaluate and identify malicious activities using its CA Threat Analytics for Privileged Access Manager functionality. This feature evaluates factors about a user and generates a risk score that can be used to improve the system’s security control.

The vendor provides excellent customer support which comes in the form of email, phone support, live, training and ticketing.

3. AirWatch

Third on our best 10 IT security software list, AirWatch is a highly-scalable solution for enterprise mobility. It uses consumer-centric tools that allow staff to use their own mobile devices while ensuring system and data security. To ensure privacy, AirWatch enables employees to manage data on their work and personal apps separately on the same device. It can likewise be accessed anytime, anywhere and can synchronize operations.

The platform automates just about any business process there is, aligning such with policy engines, effectively reducing problems associated with human errors. Apps designed to send or receive emails on mobile devices can also be used. It integrates with most systems while keeping everything secure through high-end security procedures.

The product is available in four distinct packages at very low prices. For those of you who want to give it a try first, a trial version is also available.

4. SolarWinds

Remote monitoring and management solution SolarWinds RMM is ideal for use by IT professionals and managed services providers. It has a myriad of robust tools which can maintain, secure and improve IT operations. The platform can implement performance and security remotely. Supporting Windows, OS X, Linux and mobile platforms, the system is deployable on-site or via cloud.

The software can aid MSPs create great relationships with their customers and is able to detect IT security issues across client networks. A advanced malware protection feature protects organizations from external threats. The antivirus is constantly updated, which boosts productivity and efficiency as it is capable of troubleshooting issues with speed.

The system’s patch management feature enables users to assure their clients of a secure business environment. Such applies mostly to businesses that have multiple workstations and servers. With this feature, the solution automatically approves or revokes patches for specific programs. Security patches can be installed without third-party apps. Technician deployment is also automatic using the software’s mobile applications and mobile devices’ GPS.

The vendor does not publicly disclose its pricing models. You can ask for a price quote by going to its website.

5. Sift Science

A robust automated fraud detection and prevention solution, Sift Science is designed to help clients enjoy online shopping without worrying about data breach. It is powered by a cloud-based learning platform that uses over 16,000 fraud signals that are constantly updated. This enterprise-grade security system can handle the demands of any organization. The solution has a myriad of features, which include device ID fingerprinting and IP address and social data analysis.

As to the extent of the system’s benefits to your business, its usefulness in preventing payment fraud and boosting sales can be considered as its core advantages. With the software’s fraud signals database routinely updated, emerging fraud tactics are stopped before they can do your business any damage. It stops fraudsters on their tracks as they are automatically blocked by the solution.

The platform can be configured to prevent spammers and scammers from posting in your sites, making sure that conversations come from real customers and prospects. This is very useful in terms of managing your company’s reputation. It can likewise make sure that no one abuses your promotions by automatically determining users who engage in such fraudulent activity. However, for honest users, the solution can reward them by handing out codes and coupons with ease.

Sift Science is available in four pricing plans, which include a Small plan for $500/month, a Medium package for $2,500/month, a Large plan for $5,000/month and an X-Large package for $10,000/month.

6. Dashlane

Password management software Dashlane is designed to help users organize their passwords and secure them in a centralized location. After the system processes and stores these passwords, users can easily access them anytime, anywhere. An autosave password feature allows for the automatic typing of passwords the next time a user logs in.

Users can rest assured that their passwords are protected with Dashlane, the solution uses AES-256 password and data encryption. Apart from this, the software makes sure that even their personnel do not have access to users’ encrypted information. Proof of this is the fact that Dashlane was not affected by the recent Heartbleed security hack.

The tool can be very useful in automating workflows and business processes by automatically entering your passwords upon logging in to your account. Such can even be applied to complex password fields like those of bank accounts. Password changing is a breeze with the solution’s One-click password change feature. The system always remembers your new password, synchronizing it across users’ devices.

Dashlane can be purchased on a per user license basis starting at $2/user/month. An Enterprise licensing and a Custom Enterprise pricing models are also available.

7. OneLogin

One of the most popular Identity and Access Management software out in the market, OneLogin was developed to make business logins a simple task while improving system efficiency and security. The solution is easy and quick to deploy and streamlines different workflows and processes. OneLogin is capable of integrating all applications, users and devices under a single cloud-based system. Identity and access management are also made quick and easy, enabling users to effectively implement identity policies while reducing the workload of your IT personnel.

All network devices are also secured using OneLogin as security policy is strictly enforced across users, devices and applications. Employees are given access to only policy compliant apps. Likewise, auditors can easily come up with reports, which can identify who accessed what apps and when did the action take place. Identity management spending is reduced by moving such task to the cloud, reducing costs associated with infrastructure and operations.

You can avail of OneLogin in four pricing plans–a Free version, a Starter plan, which costs $2/user/month, an Enterprise plan for $4/user/plan and an Unlimited plan for $8/user per month.

8. Avast

One of the most popular antivirus software in the market, Avast offers users both free and premium packages. The solution protects your systems, servers and devices using high-grade protection, supporting machines running on Mac or Windows. It has a browser-based console that offers users absolute control over the program. The need for additional hardware is also eliminated as the platform is cloud-based.

What’s even better is that the software is both light and fast, but this is not to say that it compromises security. The solution is easy to deploy and much easier to use. Setup is quick and easy, and can be accomplished even by those who are not that technology savvy. Access to multiple devices is a breeze as the console centralizes access to all desktops and workstations.

Users can readily view the status of networks and devices through the console. The platform automatically generates alerts in case of any changes or updates in your system. The product’s built-in chat feature enables users to easily access product support, customer service at your fingertips. It helps businesses save on costs associated with installation and hardware setup.

Avast comes in three premium packages, Pro Antivirus comes at $39.99/year, Internet Security, which is priced at $49.99/year and the Premier package, which costs $69.99/year

9. FileAudit

FileAudit simplifies file auditing and software monitoring on Windows servers. All activities performed on each and every file and folder are logged on the system in real-time, from access attempts to file modifications. This functionality is useful not only for centralized file auditing and archiving, but it also enables users to easily detect suspicious activities for quick resolution. In the event of a security breach, FileAudit automatically delivers email alerts for immediate action and  provides specific information on the culprit behind the security breach.

The software features reporting capabilities for complete visibility on actions that transpired across all files and folders. Reports can also be delivered on a silver platter thanks to its custom reports scheduling that provides you with the data you need at your preferred time and convenience. Users also don’t need to plow through piles of information, as it features powerful filtering options that make narrowing down your search list an effortless endeavor.

10. Defencebyte Computer Optimizer

Defencebyte Computer Optimizer is a robust PC optimization platform designed for small to medium-sized businesses. It is equipped with tools ranging from hidden PC settings management and registry cleaners to disk space recovery and technical error management. With these, you can keep your computer free from broken files and drivers that can slow down its performance.

With this at your disposal, you can instantly detect the root cause of performance issues you may be experiencing and determine what measures to take to fix it. The software will display the status of your browser, your Windows operating system, as well as your installed applications so you will be able to see whether they are working properly or not.  What’s more is all of these are displayed in a user-friendly interface that both novice and professional users will be able to navigate with ease. For pricing, the vendor offers packages depending on how many PCs you will be needing the software for. Prices range from $39/year to $200/year.

Source: 10 Best IT Security Software Solutions of 2019

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